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Handmade Bean Bags

Make a purchase from within your ecommerce store and be guaranteed to find new beautiful hand-knit wool beans at yourfeatured pages! The pouf is a great accessory for your bean bag cover and makes a great addition to your look. The pouf is made from 40"l x 16"w with a memo field. Self-fabricate and enjoy your purchase!

Deals for Handmade Bean Bags

The new indian cotton ottomans will come with a handcrafted footstool, the bean bag was used for this piece. The ormolu base is from dansko and the design was created by the customer.
these are hand-made pouf bean bags in a tropical kiwi color. They are a great addition to any room, or just a way to see what you're made of. The pouf is made from a mixture of organic cotton and felt, you can use them as an extra layer of protection against the outside world, or just enjoy the sun on.
this is a hand-made pouf from a coffee table. The pouf is made from amoroccan kilim pouf. This pouf is a footstool for a coffee table. It is perfect for displaying products and materials from your home. The pouf is also a perfect place to store products and materials.